Thursday, October 26, 2017



The garden views on their site are from a bygone era (LINK). Before the locals hired a - are you ready? - a MASTER GARDENER CERTIFIED by that assembly line factory manufacturing institution our world now has for determining excellence. That is, it really creates a CERTIFICATE ensuring employment so those student loans can be paid off, - keeping the banksters happy -  so that those who really know how to do the job are weeded out of the employment pool and are added to the roles of the unemployed. 

SHELLEY is the CEO and MASTER GARDENER of this place who took over after the regular local volunteer who had done a magnificent job and in 1-2 years on the job SHE HAS DEMOLISHED what was once a great functioning producing garden for volunteers to work in and eat from. Now it seems she is planning to go elsewhere so she can do more damage. 


Now the food is carted in on Thursdays from commercial outlets who are dumping their expired or soon to be expired produce and getting a deduction for it. WHY? Because it is another one of those FAKE NON-PROFITS you will see all around SpringfieldMO and the rest of the US, accepting donations so the donators can feel Christian.

All that FOOD STEAMP money people used to get has been whoooooshed into FOOD PANTRIES to help us poor hungry people get food so we can eat. What do they give us?


Gotta support Big Ag that is taking a beating from organic consumers.

Today there was nothing to eat from the garden except the chard I carefully watered and mulched last week which is strong and healthy and ready to eat. Shelly the Master gardener, told me she was mowing the entire garden down for the season. So my volunteer labor was for naught except to get me ahead in the line for free food. Does anyone think I will work again? This is what happens when the mentally challenged are in charge. Whatever is working well must be made gone.

I have to say that TRUMP is correct in wanting to tear down agencies that no longer function as anything but MASKS for what they were originally set up to do.  People rise to their level of incompetence but people still bow down to these holders of FAUX certificates. Yes they are legit, but does anyone still believe they represent EXCELLENCE? I mean we have a CONGRESS and PRESIDENT who are buffoons, so we end up with the same mentality in our non-profits. And everywhere else we go. Yankee Ingenuity is no more.


TAX money is siphoned off in GRANT MONEY to subsidize a bricks and mortar building that looks pretty in a photo. It ends up being simply a way for local businesses to avoid taxes by writing off produce they were going to be forced to shovel into the trash bin at a loss. There is no functioning Michelle Obama garden there and nothing to do unless you yourself are a MASTER GARDENER and already know. LOL!


But then we live in a world where 

Who are these people who hire or let volunteer idiots make decisions. I say idiots because the garden now at Hovey House looks like an idiot designed it. Your taxes are paying money for idiots to call themselves MASTER GARDENERS because they have a piece of paper. 

Am I insane or is all this insane?

There's a VOTE coming up folks. DO SOMETHING!

Better get over there while you can and get fresh produce, - or almost fresh - for dinner tonight and the rest of the week. It is all commercially produced food, while the garden PRESENTS a MASK concealing the REALITY that there is nothing to eat there and any volunteer labor would be just walking around and getting ticks and fleas on your jeans. No one seems to know what a real garden looks like as they got furious at me today for telling them and told me not to come back anymore.

YOU KNOW love America or leave it. Let's have no disagreements, no alternative suggestions, just the same-old same-old that doesn't work.